Agar Filler


PetriSwiss PS200/400

The carrousel filler with the removable rack
for safe and effortless dish loading
PetriSwiss PS200 automatically fills and stacks dishes in removable safety
racks. This unique, removable rack principle allows racks to be prefilled and
loaded onto the rack disk at any time. The dishes can remain stored in the
rack, in a safe and stable stand. The unit down time for a refill is minimal!
· Fast and reliable operation
· Smooth perfect agar due to the double headed pump design
· Minimal down-time with the removable racks
· Easy operation with a friendly color touch screen
· Safe and effortless dish loading and unloading

Automatically fills and stacks dishes in removable safety racks.
The unit takes the lowest dish from the stack and places the
dish separated from its lid into the UV protected filling chamber.
While filling this dish, the unit simultaneously stacks the
previously filled dish and prepares the next dish to be filled. As
soon as 1 PetriRack is completely processed, the unit moves
the complete magazine disk by one position and restarts this
process until all columns are processed.

The unit stops after one full round and allows to replace all dishes manually
or by replacing with prefilled racks.

Easy flaps load Rack can be imposed over
a full 20 dish staple in one movement
PetriRack direct storage of up to 20 dishes.
Transport handle for safest transport
Separator safely guides dishes
throughout the complete process
Easy clean base plate Filling
chamber base plate is removable
Slide opener Holder
or filling nozzle

PS 400
complete with 400 dish capacity carroussel