Agar Filler


PetriSwiss PS20

You need small lots?

Petriswiss PS 20 fills 20 dishes directly into the PetriRack. No need for manual stacking or any other manual operations. New rack - new batch!

With this compact laboratory solution, BioTool has now met wishes expressed very frequently by customers for a compact and flexible filling unit. It is ideal for production of small, special-purpose agar batches.

The unit fills sets of 20 dishes and these are available directly in the PetriRack. The dishes are safely stacked in the PetriRack and can even be transported, chilled or incubated in the rack. Fully autoclavable rack and the dishes can be taken from the rack continuously.

Despite the compact size, this miniature filling system is in no way inferior to the Petriswiss PS 900 professional solution as regards pump delivery, operator prompting or software options.