Argos offers a complete family of products to keep your samples, reagents and solutions safe. Unlike amber tinted tubes, these products are completely opaque, therefore protecting even the most light sensitive compounds. Argos LiteSafe tubes eliminate the inconvenience of fitting tubes with aluminum foil to protect samples. Ideal for use with fluorescent probes or ethidium bromide.

Black Centrifuge Tubes

0.5mL and 1.5mL microtubes are RNase and DNase free.

0.5 & 1.5mL Microcentrifuge Tubes
Made of medical grade polypropylene, LiteSafe microcentrifuge tubes can be stored at temperatures down to -100°C and spun up to 15,000g’s. Click-fit cap provides tight seal to prevent accidental opening during centrifugation. Autoclavable.

15 & 50mL Centrifuge Tubes
Disposable polypropylene tubes with recessed HDPE lid to prevent leaking. Frosted writing surface allows for permanent identification and labeling. Tubes are sterile and RNase/DNase free. Can be stored in freezers to -100°C.

5mL Microcentrifuge Tubes

Manufactured in polypropylene, this tube will withstand autoclaving (120°C for 15 minutes at 15 psi), boiling and centrifuging to 5,000g. The 5mL tube can be spun in the same centrifuges that accommodates a 15mL tube. It is also suitable for freezing to -90°C. A frosted marking area on the tube cap is provided for sample tagging and identification.