Liquid Handling


Anaerobic System

Anaerobic Gas-System

Quick and convenient solution
Create atmospheres suitable for the culturing of anaerobic, microaerophilic and capnophilic bacteria in common anaerobic jars

Extremely rapid oxygen depletion
Develop anaerobic atmospheric conditions inside the jar in less than 1 minute

Chose the level of oxygen depletion (microaerophilic atmosphere)

Significant cost savings
Reduce capital and operating costs

Multiple simultaneous atmospheres
Within multiple jars

Specially in quality control processes of food, beverages, cosmetics and hygiene products samples have to be tested for anaerobic bacteria, causing infectious diseases or food poisoning. The samples are incubated in special containers under anaerobic atmosphere. The oxygen containing air is replaced by dry nitrogen using special inexpensive chemical substances.

Simple to use
Programmed using keyboard. Draining and filling with replacement gas (nitrogen or carbon dioxide) automatically managed. Gas extraction can be controlled (up to 2mbar) to reduce the risk of cell lysis.