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LabFlame RF

The Laboratory Gas Burner with Embedded Radio Technology.

Everything inside
The LabFlame RF represents the complete system of the new Wireless-Series “RF“. The modern radio operation is already integrated in the safety laboratory gas burner.

Performance and safety
The LabFlame RF offers the same functions and safety features as the standard LabFlame model.
Two foot pedal programs are available: A flexible start-stop function and the conventional foot pedal operation for short flame sterilization. The LabFlame RF combines all advantages in one unit. Safe gas burner technology and reliable radio communication for wireless foot pedal operation.

Simple Operation
Wireless and safe flame sterilization! The Wireless-Series “RF“ offers cable-free foot pedal operation for laboratory gas burners. Simply plug the RF-Stick into the safety laboratory gas burner and the burner can be controlled with the battery operated radio foot pedal.

Safe connection
The specially developed safety protocol of the RF-Series ensures reliable radio communication between foot pedal and laboratory gas burner. Furthermore, the automatic channel selection enables parallel use of multiple RF-Stick systems.

The power-saving RF technology ensures maximum battery life for the battery operated foot pedal. The RF-Stick is powered directly by the laboratory gas burner. The RF Stick package for LabFlame series contains 1 wireless footswitch and 1 RF stick, compatible with all LabFlame models.